Coping Statements for Anxiety

feel what you need to feel

When you’ve experienced betrayal you’re on constant high alert. And it’s easy to be triggered, and be swamped by anxious feelings.

This is likely to be heightened when the country is in lock down. You feel like a trapped rabbit who has few, if any, options.

But one thing you can try – apart from focusing on breathing – is working on your thinking when it’s faulty or irrational.

For example, when you start to feel distressed it might be helpful if you say:

  1. I’m going to be OK. Sometimes feelings are irrational. I’ve coped with them before, and I can cope with them again.
  2. Anxiety feels awful bad but it isn’t dangerous. I know the symptoms are intense – but there’s nothing wrong with me.
  3. Feelings come and go. This is only temporary. If I sit it out and wait, then the feelings will subside.
  4. This image in my head isn’t really accurate. I need to change my thinking so it’s healthy and more balanced. For example _____________.
  5. Feeling anxious is a habit – and a habit I can break. I can interrupt my thinking, so I don’t just spiral downwards.
  6.  The world’s not going to end – even though it feels disastrous.
  7. Don’t think about the future. Take it one step at a time.
  8. Don’t listen to your feelings. You are stronger than you feel.

18 thoughts on “Coping Statements for Anxiety

    • I’ve had several “helpers” (therapist, yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, Hellerwork provider, etc.) say something to the effect of feel the emotions, let them move through you and up out of your body – out of your hands into the sky. Feet firm on the ground (Mother Earth). Grounded. When the emotions get “stuck” in my body, then they bounce around and cause anxiety and all kinds of things – rapid heart rate, etc. Let them move.

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