The Road not Taken

ultimately the worst kind of pain

I’ve always been attracted to this poem by Robert Frost. Some verses that invite us to reflect upon our lives, and think about the outcome if we’d taken other roads.

The trails we quickly glanced down at some crossroads on the street. Decisions we had taken when the outcome wasn’t clear.

Perhaps this path is better?  No, perhaps I’d like this more

We cannot tell the future. We don’t have a crystal ball.

But as we look into the past, back to the point where paths diverged, we sometime dream and wonder “How would life be different – if

I’d studied something different, or

I’d taken that great job, or

I’d moved away from home, or

I had travelled overseas.

It’s usually a distraction. Just a way to pass the time. It resurrects old hopes and dreams of how life could have been.

No doubt, there would be problems; but we put those from our mind. It’s just a fantasy. Of course, we know it isn’t real.

Yet …

This question sometimes rises up when things go badly wrong. We learn about betrayal and our whole life seems a lie.

It causes devastation. There’s destruction everywhere. The trauma stalks and haunts us. We are anxious all the time.

Our former life’s in tatters; we’re a shell of who we were. Our heart is full of splinters and our confidence is gone.

That happy, carefree person who would live life to the full, has been replaced by someone who is sad and fragile now.

Yes … I wonder who I’d be if he’d been faithful through the years. If I’d felt loved and cherished, and I had no need to fear.

I wish I was that person. She was happier back then.

But sometimes others take a road that changes our life, too.

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