Just One Thing

even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again.jpg

Night-time was the worst. It was always the worst. Usually in the day she could put it from her mind. But when she tried to sleep all the memories returned.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to focus your mind on just one thing that will help you to hang on, and also reconnect you with your inner strength. The following questions might help with this:

1. Can you think of one occasion when you felt “it was too much”, and yet you found you coped, and you made it through the day? How did you manage to keep going at that time? How can you apply that to what’s happening right now?

2. Can you think of one key strength that is part of who you are, that gives you confidence, and persuades you “you’ll survive”? How can you ensure you keep accessing that strength?

3. Identify one boundary you know you must enforce, to take care of yourself, and protect your mental health?

4. Can you think of one small thing you could start to do today to make life easier, and reduce some of the stress?

5. Can you think of one dark thought that you need to put aside. It only makes things worse, and it leads down rabbit holes?

6. Can you call to mind one person who accepts you as you are, is always there for you, and who genuinely care?

7. What one essential truth will remain your guiding light, and keep you on the path when you feel like giving up?

8 thoughts on “Just One Thing

  1. All good points to help anyone refocus, we get so tied up in one thought and a negative one at that. Take one step at a time to change your thinking by refocusing on another subject. Give yourself another subject one of interest.

    We all have times of being unable to sleep through worries. One thing I do not do is lay there trying to get back to sleep I get up and do something like reading or writing, household chores until I feel tired and can sleep. Even if it is a short sleep it will be deeper than before and restful.

    I also find asking God/Divine to wrap me in a healing, loving blanket so I feel safe and secure this also removes stress.

    Learn to be resilient try to move on to something else to think about.

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  2. This is another great list. Thank you! Recently, #5 has been an issue for me. I keep thinking about how sex workers (porn, prostitutes, “sexual massage” women, etc.) are trafficked. I kept protesting porn and trafficking on Twitter. I deleted my account b/c it was keeping it in my consciousness too much. It’s part of me to fight for human rights, but this triggers me way too much.

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    • Thanks for reading and sharing your experience :)Sometimes the right thing isn’t the right thing for us right now. I take hope from knowing that there are people fighting that corner even if I can’t at the moment.

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